Out Of The Abyss

Prisoners for sale

The party is being held is a cell with 10 other prisoners. All are shackled around the wrists and chained to the wall by the neck. The only time they leave the cell is to be taken to perform labor for the Drow, or to be beaten. The soon learn about their fellow captives and know they must work together to consolidate what they know of the Drow encampent, and how to escape.

Buppido is a talkative Derro that has a bit of a screw loose, but is well spoken.

"Prince" Derendil is a Quaggoth who claims to be a cursed elven prince, and does not like being questioned about his current form.

Eldeth Feldrun is a Shield dwarf scout from Gauntlgrym. She is very homesick and is spiteful towards all Underdark races.

Jimjar is a Deep gnome with an obvious gambling problem. He takes bets on everything.

Ront is a large Orc, not very bright and is prone to arguing over everything.

Sarith Kzekarit is a Drow being held as a prisoner by his own kind accused of murdering a fellow Drow. The party can't help but notice his mood swings and the strange orange fungi growing on his face.

Shuushar is a peaceful Kuo-toa, refusing to hurt any creature even in self defense.

Stool is a young myconid sprout. Stool is very lonely and frightened, but is willing to communicate telepathically through contact with air born spores.

Topsy & Turvy and young deep gnome twins. They are quick to point out the obvious and criticize the decisions of others. 



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